4 Hands and Narrow Gauge collaborate on new Table IPA

IMG_5334.JPGTwo of St. Louis’s best breweries, 4 Hands and Narrow Gauge, have collaborated on a new project. The Table IPA was released May 7 at the 4 Hands taproom on 8th Ave.

The new release is made with oat flakes and hopped with Citra, Columbus, El Dorado, Galaxy, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops. It is 4% ABV, making it an ideal session beer for the summer. There will be an additional release of the beer at Narrow Gauge in Florissant.

As a longtime fan of 4 Hands, and a fan of Narrow Gauge since it opened last year, I was excited for the collaboration but not entirely sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was an excellent blend of two distinct styles.

Narrow Gauge will celebrate its first anniversary in June. Its principle focus is hazy, citrusy IPAs that could convert a beer hater into a craft beer obsessive. 4 Hands also makes IPAs, but they focus on what they call a “well-rounded portfolio” of beer styles. One thing the two breweries have in common, however, is an ability to experiment and an interest in innovation.

Like Narrow Gauge’s signature IPAs, Table IPA is opaque and golden-orange in color. It pours with a stiff white head that is characteristic of 4 Hands brews. The bouquet is warm citrus, yeast, and grain. The taste will be familiar to anyone who’s had a Narrow Gauge beer – the hops flavor is strong but not bitter. But while Narrow Gauge beers have a thicker body than most beers, comparable to orange juice, Table IPA has a thinner consistency that resembles other 4 Hands beers. The difference between that texture and the thinness of Table IPA (in texture, not in flavor) is distinctive.

Table IPA is poured in a stemmed glass for $5, and a 32 oz. crowler to-go is $15.

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