2nd Shift pours Katy brett beer with cherries


On Friday afternoon 2nd Shift Brewing (1601 Sublette Ave.) released the second run of their Katy brett beer with cherries.

Katy, the base for the variation, is a tart and effervescent beer. I first encountered it last summer at Handlebar, and couldn’t get enough. 2nd Shift has released previous fruited variations, including apricot, pear, and plum.

The cherry Katy poured a bright but hazy pink. It was served in a 6-ounce stemmed glass. The beer was exceptionally complex, with an initial tartness and a lingering funk vaguely reminiscent of asiago cheese. The cherry flavor is subtly sweet – think fresh cherries, not maraschino. Its complexity, color, glass, and refreshing summer flavor draw comparisons to rosé wine.

The last glass of cherry Katy on tap was poured on Sunday afternoon, but the remainder will be bottled sometime this week. Follow 2nd Shift Brewing on twitter (@2ndshiftbrewing) for details on date of release.

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