Narrow Gauge ventures out

On Thursday, Narrow Gauge Brewing Co. (1595 N. US Highway 67) released a Czech pilsner named FloMo Pils after the brewery’s hometown.

flomo pils.jpg

Czech pilsners are clear, light in color, and may be floral, malty, grassy, or spicy in flavor. They also have a strong hops character.

FloMo, pictured above, meets the expectations of the style. It is clear and golden yellow with a thin white head (characteristic of NG beers), and has a light aroma of white peach.

The flavor is very smooth. At its coldest it was almost underwhelming – pleasant, but not terribly interesting. But as it began to warm, the hops developed in flavor and became more and more prominent. The hops added complexity to the beer and the slight rise in temperature enhanced the malt flavor.

This lighter, more refreshing style may seem like a departure from Narrow Gauge’s usual offerings of bold IPAs and stouts – after all, the pils was refreshing and smooth, exactly what you might want to drink poolside or at a barbecue. But I would argue that Narrow Gauge emphasizes expressions of hops flavor (beyond simple bitterness), and this pilsner is a study in hops.

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