Earthbound Beer’s new space is open now


Earthbound Beer reopened this weekend in its brand-new space, bringing the same hospitality and relaxed vibes to a bigger party.

The new tasting room at 2724 Cherokee Street features two levels of seating, increased brewing space, and a much larger bar with space for more than one bartender. The building is 150 years old and the former home of Cherokee Brewing Co.

Earthbound’s previous home was a narrow hallway at 2710 Cherokee. It was an ideal spot for a late-night drink if you weren’t willing to suffer the crush of the Whiskey Ring or didn’t want to drink a Stag (or if you did, Stag and Old Crow are Earthbound staples).

The new location resembles the old in some ways, like its green and purple color scheme, maps and globes as décor, and the familiar faces of Earthbound’s staff. But the tall, church-like windows and catwalk seating make the space a little more welcoming. Your parents wouldn’t be uncomfortable there, and neither would your date – unless they like ice with their liquor. Bartenders at Earthbound will pour you a shot, but you won’t find them mixing cocktails. It’s just not what they do.


At the opening party, there was a line of customers from the bar to the door. My friend Jess and I tried a few of the brewery’s selections from their 16 taps (including guest taps and those reserved for Stag and cider). Earthbound makes some of the most ambitious and interesting beers in St. Louis, and that innovation produces a ton of great beers, like the Blackberry Gose and the Jeff Goldplum, two tart fruited beers that I could have drank all day. It also occasionally produces some not-so-great brews, like the Cardamom Pepper Tea Blonde ale, which smelled beautifully of cardamom (think spicy fruit loops) but had a strong acrid note from the pepper that spoiled the beer for me. But Earthbound’s quirks are part of what makes it a great place, and experimentation is key to innovation.


After a few drinks, Jess and I walked down the street to Vista for dinner to celebrate Earthbound’s upcoming collaboration with the restaurant, which will provide food in the tasting room. Vista, which opened in 2016, is a feather in the cap of St. Louis’s growing and impressive lineup of restaurants. Earthbound is also working on a beer garden to open in the near future, which will create some much-needed outdoor space in the Cherokee Street bar lineup.

From my first visit, it looks like Earthbound has brought what it does well down the block to the new space, and adjusted to the increase in traffic pretty smoothly (though another point of sale would benefit the bar on busy nights). I’m excited to see what they can produce with more space and the potential for distribution. I will be back, and now I can bring friends.

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