New Beer Monday: Brooklyn Naranjito

Brooklyn Brewery
Naranjito – Pale Ale with Orange
Retreat Gastropub

Naranjito first presents citrus aromas. I struggled, delightfully, to discern a difference between the hops and the orange – they blend seamlessly on the nose.

When I hear “orange” in a beer’s description, or any fruit, I naturally think the beer will be sweet. But Naranjito is distinctly savory. The base beer is light, and the hops and orange float above it, somehow separate, coming to life after a moment in the mouth. The orange rind flavor is herbaceous, slightly bitter, and fresh, much like the hops – Summit for citrus and Simcoe for earth and pine.

When the beer warms, the orange becomes more prominent and more bitter, and the beer gives up new notes of grass. The last sip was the most complex.

Naranjito is available for a limited time only in the US. I found it at Retreat Gastropub by chance, but if you’d like to search it out, click here.

Image by Brooklyn Brewery.

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