ABV: Alcohol by volume, a measurement of a beverage’s alcohol content. Beer usually ranges between 2 and 8 percent, but could be higher. For a reference point, Bud Light is 4.2% ABV

IBU: International bittering unit, a measurement of a beer’s bitterness. IBU is especially relevant to certain beer styles – pale ales, stouts, and other “big” flavorful beers.

Head: The foam on a freshly poured beer, the head holds a lot of a beer’s aroma (or bouquet) and can help a drinker discern flavors

IPA: India pale ale, a style of beer made by the British for colonial soldiers in India. The high hops content helped preserve the beer in transit and created a complex and bitter flavor profile

BA: Barrel aged, a method of flavoring beer. Brewers use barrels purchased from wineries and distilleries (including bourbon, rum, tequila, etc.) or new oak barrels

Wort: The unfermented liquid extracted during the brewing process – beer before it becomes beer

Dry hopping: Adding hops to the wort after it has cooled

Late wort hopping: Adding hops to the wort at or near the end or boiling